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People incarcerated in jails and prisons suffer higher rates of chronic medical conditions and behavioral health issues than the general population. They are disproportionately non-white and largely come from communities where residents already report overall poor health and lack of access to care. The disparities we see in our health care system are mirrored in our criminal justice system. The Center for Health and Justice Transformation works on the following issues in Rhode Island: Decriminalization, Criminal Justice Planning, and Reentry.


We need a system that provides safety for all communities, does not engage in fear-mongering and racism and does not view punitive sentencing as the panacea for social problems, rehabilitation, and accountability.
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Statewide Criminal Justice Planning

Experts agree that criminal justice planning should be a governmental function outside of correctional agencies and, in jurisdictions where this is not possible, local government should support and empower criminal justice planners to lead such work on behalf of the state.
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Effective reentry requires state, local, and community agencies to ask themselves and each other how we can work together to transition people home and keep them home.
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Since 2005 we've been at the center of innovative correctional health research and programming.

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The Center for Health and Justice Transformation is a partnership between Lifespan and Brown University. Established in 2005, CHJT is a non-partisan research, advocacy, education, and policy organization.

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