CHJT Reentry Simulations

Approximately one-third of Rhode Islanders (300,000+ individuals) have a criminal record. From stigma and discrimination to restrictions in housing and employment, a criminal record follows someone long after their sentence is over. 

We offer Reentry Simulations as unique, hands-on opportunities for stakeholders to learn about the criminal legal system and reentry process in RI.

Through our CHJT Reentry Simulations, participants gain a better understanding of the challenges and obstacles faced by individuals reentering their communities after being released from prison or jail.

How it works:
  • The first four weeks of post-release life are simulated in a 90-minute experience that is facilitated by an emcee (each week takes place in 15 minutes).
  • Participants are provided with the fictional identity of a reentering person and a packet of materials, including a description of the individual’s criminal background, living situation, job/income situation, and weekly post-release requirements.
  • The simulation takes place in a large room with stations, each representing a place the participants must visit each week, such as Treatment, Probation, Social Services, Court, etc. The simulation team (volunteers from the community) staff the various stations, providing obstacles and assistance for the participants to navigate.
  • The emcee debriefs the event with a facilitated group discussion to help identify ways for participants, practices, and policies to be more inclusive of individuals who are justice-involved.
How to get involved:

If you are interested in organizing a Reentry Simulation as a professional development opportunity for your team or staff, or would like to be part of our volunteer simulation team, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Please note:
      • The minimum number of participants required for a simulation is 30, and the maximum is 60.
      • Since these events depend on a team of community volunteers, we currently need to schedule simulations at least 90 days in advance.